Dress Party


New textiles become old textiles in time. Similarly, a child becomes old one day. Each stage of life has its own value. Using your mind’s eyes, you will perceive the utmost beauty in every stage.The value of textiles and the virtue of humans, therefore, never change.

People use clothes to express their personality, moods and values. They can even disguise themselves and mislead society around them with their way of dress.

Textiles = Humans was the concept of Dress Party which was presented through textile sculptures in the form of garments: complete and extraordinary dresses that require no wearer, and cannot be worn. The dresses without wearers intended to represent humans at each stage of their life. The value of textiles, as garments, is their ability to send nonverbal messages about the wearer to society, regardless of whether she is actually wearing them.

Dress Party compared and contrasted the value of textiles and humans, and illuminated the relationship between the two. I believed that by encouraging people to realise the value of textiles and humans, they would be more apt to realise the value of things and people they usually neglect. Value is in everything and everyone if we do not deny its existence.

The series has been exhibited internationally in the following exhibitions:

(1) “Dress Party”, Design Forum Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, April-May 2004 (solo exhibition)
(2) “White”, Old Granary, Fiskars, Finland, May-October 2004
(3) “Yellow Art”, Gallery Primavera, Helsinki, Finland, January 2003
(4) “UIAH Master of Arts”, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland, May-August 2002


media: raw Thai silk, weaving
dimensions: 9cm x 10cm x 24cm

I’M AN ADULT, 2004
media: hemp, weaving
dimensions: 50cm x 35cm x 145cm

media: Laotian silk, weaving
dimensions: 40cm x 50cm x 145cm

MY GIRL, 2002
media: Japanese linen, weaving
dimensions: 40cm x 50cm x 150cm

media: raw Thai silk, weaving
dimensions: 50cm x 55cm x 150cm