Craft and Design Practice from an Embodied Perspective

Editors: Nithikul Nimkulrat and Camilla Groth

edited book, forthcoming August 2024

This book brings together contributors from multiple disciplines, such as crafts, design, art education, cognitive philosophy, and sociology, to discuss craft and design practice from an embodied perspective.

Through theoretical overviews of embodied cognition and research-based cases that involve the researchers’ making experiences, different phenomena of human–material interaction are presented, analysed, and discussed. The practical cases exemplify ways in which embodied notions show up in action. Contributors examine topics such as the embodied basis of craft activities and material manipulation, experiential knowledge and skill learning, reflection in and on action, and material dialogues. Several chapters specifically discuss the hybrid forms of analogue and digital crafting that increasingly takes place in the field of crafts and design, and the changed notions of material engagement that this entails.

The book will appeal to scholars of crafts, design, art education, anthropology, and sociology.

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Suggested Citation: Nimkulrat, N., & Groth, C. (eds.) (2024). Craft and Design Practice from an Embodied Perspective. Routledge.